The 4 WORST Bedroom Hiding Places For Your Handgun

Any gun owner knows that protecting the thing the protects you is #1 priority. In fact, every gun owner has a nightmare of their gun being misplaced, misused, or even worse, stolen. According to a statistics, the average burglary lasts between 8 and 12 minutes.  It makes sense that you would want to hide your home protection in a place that is close to you in an incognito way.  Most people who have a handgun will in fact store their pistol in their bedroom. With only 8 to 12 minutes for a bad guy to make away with your valuables, they will be looking in very key places.  Don’t make the mistake of hiding your weapons in any of these locations, as these will be most likely areas a burglar will be looking.

  1. Under the bed: Hiding things under the bed is second nature.  We’ve all done it. As a result, it’s the very first place a criminal is going to look when ransacking your property.  It is extremely easy and convenient to store something under the bed, which is exactly why it’s the worst possible place.  It takes seconds to either lift the bed up, find your stored handgun, and be out the door to do harm in an instant.
  2. In a drawer: Most burglars know that people will store some type of valuable in at least one of their drawers, typically the underwear drawer.  Not only does this draw them to violate very intimate item of yours, it also invites them to walk off with whatever you have stored in there hoping to keep it out of harms way.
  3. Under a pillow: Is it easily accessible?  Yes. That’s about where the pros stop. Before a criminal makes his way to under your bed, he will most likely toss your pillows as well.  Avoid this area at all costs.
  4. The closet: Right after the burglar hits your bed, your drawer, he is hitting your closet.  This is statistically the last place a burglar will look in your room, thus one of the more well searched.  Because things can and often are hidden in shoes, pockets of clothes, etc. you can rest assured that if a person intent on stealing your valuables has more than a few minutes, your closet will be completely ransacked.

The best solution for your hiding your handgun will be one that is just as accessible as it is incognito.  Of course, the best place will always also be something a criminal doesn’t even glance at twice. For this, we LOVE this dresser with a hidden gun compartment.  It keeps your pistols close so that you can guard your home at the most important times, and keeps it safe so that it’s out of the reach of children, bad guys, or anyone else you want to keep away from your home protection.

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