Gun Concealment Ottoman Gun Safe by American Furniture

Gun Concealment Ottoman Gun Safe by American Furniture
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  • Conceal up to 5 Long Guns
  • Soft Fabric Lined Interiors
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Attractive stitched brown polyurethane, cushioned covering
  • Extra Removable Tray for Handguns

This piece of furniture is great for storing your long guns, and maybe even a few handguns, inconspicuously.  It looks great at the foot of the bed, near the entry way of a home, or even as a living room center piece/coffee table replacement.  It has ample storage space for you to store up to 5 long rifles, plus a hand full of hand guns that you would be able to fit in the removable holding tray.  All of this comes with a false bottom that, even if someone were to open this unit, helps conceal your weapons at first glance, by allowing you to store blankets or clothing in the top most compartment while safely securing and hiding your weapons below in the bottom compartment.

Different Styles of Concealment Benches


American Furniture has put together several weapon concealment furniture benches that look perfectly at home in any living room or bedroom.  From wooden builds to vinyl covered pieces, you have options at your disposal to make sure that your new gun concealment storage bench blends in with the rest of your furniture, and as always, we recommend to match your items whenever possible.  The goal is to keep eyes away from your goodies.

Depending on which model you order, it is made with a variety of materials.

It comes with a locking mechanism which ensures that even if someone does open up your gun storage bench, that they won’t immediately have access to the weapons placed inside.  To be clear, this is NOT a “gun safe”, but rather a piece of furniture designed to help disguise the placement of your weapons, so security is laxer than a gun safe.

Some light assembly required.  The unit comes basically put together, all you have to do is attach the legs!

Decently heavy.  It would be very difficult for one person to get out of your house with this in a clean fashion.  The rule of thumb is to prevent burglaries, particularly where your weapons are concerned, is to make is as difficult as possible.  Their goal is to get in and get out, so this is definitely going to get in the way of their perfect get away.

It is lined with felt, and can hide a surprising amount of weight.

What Can It Hold?

This gun concealment bench comes with a generous allotment of space.  With full stocks it can hold up to 5 long rifles, and 2-3 pistols PLUS ammo for all of your weapons all at once.  Of course, you could probably fit more pistols if you subbed out long rifles, more ammo, or any combination that fits your collecting lifestyle!  No matter what weapons you have, several will fit into this bench, and it will look good while doing so!

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