4 Best Places to Hide Your Guns in the Living Room

Being able to conceal and protect your guns is essential to being a responsible gun owner.  You want to make sure that your weapons are safe from robbers, children, or anybody else that you may not want getting their hands on your valuables.  You also want to make sure that, while they are discreetly hidden, that they are also within arms reach at a moments notice.  That is why we have compiled a list of our favorite living room hiding places for your guns.  No matter the size, from handguns to long-rifles, we have options that will make sure your home protection is kept safe, secure, and close.

1. Stealth Ottoman – My personal go to for larger weapon storage.  This nifty and stealthy storage center will ensure that your weapons are both safe, and near you at all times, even your collection of harder-to-conceal long guns.  Being that this type of furniture piece is usually situated in the center of any living room, no one would look twice at it and think anything is out of the ordinary.  Having an ottoman that is capable of concealing your weapons is a great choice for long term storage.

2.Stealth Vent Safe – My second favorite choice when it comes to hiding your weapons in the living room.  Simple, time tested, and effective.  If you are attempting to hide your home protection from burglars, this is a key spot, as no self-respecting robber is going to waste time going through your ventilation system when the goal is to get in and out.  It’s also virtually child proof.  No one ever thinks twice when they see one of these in their peripheries, so you can rest easy knowing your steel is safe.

3. Stealth Entryway Gun Concealment Bench – A great entry for my top list of best places to hide your conceal your weapons in your living room, and that is this entryway bench. The best thing about one of these is that they look great near your entry way. With some light assembly, you’ll be able to hide one of your pistols, rifles, or even shot guns in a highly secure piece of furniture.

4. Covert Weapons Shelf – Last, but certainly not least, the covert weapons shelf makes the top 4 list quite simply because of it’s versatility. You can place one, or even better, a pair of these anywhere in your living room and it would blend in. The fact that these happen to be made from high quality materials makes it even better as not only are you increasing the security of your hidden weapons, but you’re also adding an aesthetic touch as well. No one would look twice at one of these, especially if you were to throw a photo album, plant, or any decorative item on top. It latches and unlatches from the bottom, leaving you plenty of space to decorate the top to your hearts content.

Your options for hiding your home defense weapon in your living room is virtually endless, as you are only limited by your imagination. Still, I think there’s something to be said for having a piece of well-built furniture as a diversion/safe for these weapons over hiding one under a sofa cushion. Whatever option you ultimately choose, always consider any infants or children who may be around to accidentally come across one of your hiding spots.

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