Best Places To Hide Your Gun In Your Bedroom

Any responsible gun owner will eventually ask themselves: what’s the point of having a gun in your room if you can’t access it quickly and efficiently?  Storing your household protection in a gun safe can be a nice deterrent against someone who intends to walk away with it, but it’s also incredibly obvious, and any self-respecting burglar would immediately know to make a bee-line for the safes, regardless of how difficult they may be to open.  Considering we spend 1/3rd of our life in our bedrooms, and it’s also a time when were usually the most vulnerable, it’s a no-brainer that someone would want quick access to their handgun or pistol. So, if you are needing security, subtlety, and efficiency, and you want your gun close by to you in the bedroom, so what are you to do?  Think big and outside of the box! Today we will be going over the absolute best places to hide your gun in your bedroom.

1. Stealth Nightstand – My personal go-to choice when it comes to concealing your handgun in your bedroom.  It’s close to the bed, where you spend most of your time when in the bedroom, so in the event of an emergency in the middle of the night there’s a great chance you will be right there, ready to react and grab your pistol.  It is incredibly incognito, and it also comes with a variety of locks depending on what security features you want, and what level of access you want. Using a nightstand that comes with a secret gun compartment
2.Stealth Dresser – A close second to the nightstand, the dresser is great for a lot of the same reasons.  What sets it apart is it much larger, allowing for more storage space. Utilizing a dresser that has a hidden gun feature makes a lot of sense depending on your situation.  While dressers are usually ransacked by burglars, this is usually done very quickly, and they rarely ever give them a 2nd glance afterward, making this a perfect location to hide away your pistol.
3. Mirror Gun-Safe – This beautiful mirror comes with a secret gun compartment that makes up essentially the entire size of the mirror.  Easily overlooked by most people, this is a great place to hide not only the weapons that will keep you safe in the event of a break-in, but also any other valuables deem necessary as well.
4. Hidden Gun Shelf – Last but certainly not least, I want you to consider this modern free standing wall shelf that comes with a hidden gun compartment.  Something like this is modern, subtle, and a fantastic option for hiding your home defense handgun for when you need it most. PROTIP: It might even be a good idea to put something that looks particularly valuable on top so that they immediately see that, and then move on from it.
Of course, we’re only limited by our imaginations.  You can hide a handgun or other house defense weapon practically anywhere you can fit it reasonably.  If you have the opportunity, we do recommend avoiding the obvious spots that burglars may look for when ransacking your room.  Avoid hiding things in common areas like: under the mattress, under the bed, or in an obvious gun safe.

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