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  • Elegant Design
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This beautifully designed concealment nightstand is quickly becoming a favorite piece of mine.  Designed to go in the bedroom as a nightstand, it’s equally as in-place in your living room as an end-table on the end of your couches.  That’s why today we are going to be discussing Casual Home’s newest piece and its merit’s as a weapons diversion storage option.

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Casual Home’s diversion storage bedroom nightstand comes packed with features and options.

First and foremost, it’s made from sustainably sourced solid wood by furniture manufacturers who have quite a few products on the market — which is an excellent sign it’s made by people who understand the needs of covert gun storage.

The hidden compartment itself is felt-lined, which means your handguns or other valuables will be safe from things like scratches or scuffs that could happen if it were to happen against wood.  While this design utilizes it’s felt-lining well, it won’t prevent your weapons or valuables from rattling around or moving about if the nightstand is being moved around, unlike the covert gun storage nightstand by Stealth Furniture, which uses foam inserts to help protect your weapons from being vulnerable to movement.  That said, the felt-lined option this model provides means you have more total room to store more weapons, so it really just depends on what your goal is.

The hidden compartment is secured by a magnet-based locked, which is pretty common for stealth furniture of this type.  You are provided a magnetic lock key which, once placed on a specific area of the nightstand, will give you instant and quick access to your hidden handguns, weapons, or other valuables.

Last but not least, it’s greatest feature might be that it’s a beautifully designed piece.  Typically with furniture with built in secret compartments, the people who build them aren’t necessarily thinking about making the prettiest piece they can — they are more thinking about function.  This piece is elegantly designed with crown molding and two fully functional, normal drawers that makes it fit perfectly fit for any bedroom as a nightstand or any living room as an end-table. Part of being stealthy means not giving itself away, and this piece passes with flying colors

Some assembly is required.

What Can It Hold?

The dimensions of the secret compartment drawer itself is 19.5″W x 16.5″D x 1.5″H, which means you’ve got some decent room to work with.  You can definitely hold one larger sized handgun in this with ease, or possibly two smaller revolvers or pistols, with extra room in both cases for things like passports.  Keep in mind, it’s not large enough to hold many accessories for your weapon’s, so with this option it’s best to keep it simple.

8.2 Total Score

Build Quality
  • Elegant Design
  • Felt Lined Hidden Compartment
  • Magnetic Triggered Lock
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