Concealed Gun Storage Mirror By Tactical Walls

Concealed Gun Storage Mirror By Tactical Walls
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  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Birch and Poplar Wood
  • Excellent Construction
  • Mounted Frame
  • Color Options

The Concealed gun storage mirror by Tactical Walls may be the best mirror gun safe on the market today.  Tactical Walls is made in America by American hands, right out of Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  They specialize in home gun concealment products, and their mirror entry is a home run.  It is beautifully designed and comes with several color options.  As far as security goes, it is well constructed and comes with a standard magnet type of lock that you see common with these home gun concealment furniture pieces.  It will look great and completely out-of-the-way in your bedroom and will never garner a second look by anybody potentially looking to burglarize your home and steal your stuff.

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First and foremost, this mirror gun safe is exactly just that, a mirror safe.  The mirror its self looks like any other mirror you’d expect to see on the back of any bedroom or bathroom door.  It is built with a full frame and is backed with a security panel to prevent any access to your valuables.

Fully customization as the company offers several different options for shelves sizes and types.  Need to store a long rifle?  It can be done.  Need to store your collection of hand guns?  It can be done.  Need to do both and store some funny sized ammo at the same time?  It can be done.  It is quite roomy.  Potentially, depending on sights it could hold up to two long rifles total

Dimensions: 60 inches tall, 14 inches wide, 3 inches deep.

Handmade using Baltic Birch and Poplar, high quality woods.

It comes with a standard magnetic security lock which is standard with these stealth safe types.  There is no visible lock from the outside, which is a great thing.  You can also upgrade it to use a RFID chip based locking mechanism.

Each Tactical Wall Mirror Gun Safe comes with a Velcro looped backing allowing you to place patches, storage pouches, and other fun items right into the inside of your safe.

Installation is a breeze, all you really have to do is mount it to a wall and then the rest of the furniture pieces practically slide into place.  If you are looking for a quick, beautiful piece of furniture that will help conceal your weapons, this mirror gun safe is for you.

As far as security goes, it does the job.  The lock is very secure, and the frame and build quality is excellent.  That said, this is not a steel gun safe, so if someone is able to get away with it, there’s a good chance they will eventually be able to get inside.  My advice is to mount this right away and avoid the possible heart ache of having your weapons or valuables stolen.  Once this thing is mounted, it’s solid as a rock.

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