Entryway Gun Concealment Bench

Editor choice Entryway Gun Concealment Bench
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  • Attractive Contemporary Design
  • Felt Lined Inside
  • Removable Handgun/Ammo Tray
  • Concealed Gun Safe
  • Can Store 5 Long Rifles
  • Solid Wood Build

This is one of my favorite pieces for concealing and hiding your weapons in plain site.  It’s beautiful, elegant, and blends in with any possible furniture set up you may have.  Made from solid wood, this high quality entryway furniture piece doubles as a great gun diversion safe.  Manufactured by American Furniture Classics, one of our favorite brands.  The best news is that, because of its size, it can store long-rifles as well.  So from smaller handguns to larger rifles, this bench has you covered!  Let’s get into the review below…

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Designed to look like any regular entryway bench, this piece lends its self perfectly to being a concealed gun safe.  This is the perfect furniture piece for hiding your weapons in your living room.  It blends in seamlessly with practically any living room set up.

It is constructed from solid wood materials and wooden veneers.  This concealed gun storage bench is sturdy!  Feel free to sit on it, as we’ve tested it successfully up to 250lbs.

While the exterior is not lockable, the inner compartment does come with a lock, but to be clear, this is not a replacement for a legit steel gun safe if that’s what you need.  This piece of furniture is great for stealth storage of your weapons, which means you value speed and proximity to your home defense over all else, which is a sentiment we agree with.

You can easily fit up to 5 long rifles in this beautiful piece, plus an extra handgun in the removable tray that it comes with, with quite a bit of room for ammo left over.  Of course, you can mix and match to your hearts content, especially if you need to hide something bulkier like a shotgun.

What Can It Hold?

As we mentioned above, this living room entryway gun storage bench can store a maximum of 5 long rifles “comfortably”, meaning not stacked on each other.  Shotguns are usually a bit thicker, so you may not be able to 5 shotguns in this furniture piece, but you will be able to mix and match to your hearts content.  The removable tray will offer a great permanent place to hide any handgun, with room for extra ammo, or you could use the whole space for ammunition storage.  The complete dimensions are: 50W x 19D x 21H in.

This is our favorite living room piece that combines both beautiful construction and excellent gun concealment.  If you are a responsible gun owner looking for a great place to hide your weapons in the living room, this is the piece for you!

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