Gun Concealment Clock & Diversion Safe

Best value Gun Concealment Clock & Diversion Safe
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  • Working Clock
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  • High Stealth Factor
  • Can Store Anywhere

This gun diversion safe and concealment clock is a fantastic addition to any bedroom, living room, or any room!  Place it on a mantle, on an entry table, end table, or whatever else your imagination can dream up.  It effortlessly blends in to any room, and gives you instant access to your hidden handgun inside.

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According to police departments and security experts around the world; diversion safes are consistently proven to be safer to protect your firearms than regular safes.  Statistically, a burglar will spend up to six minutes in your home checking the common areas: under the bed, in closets, and at obviously designed safes.

So with that in mind, without a shadow of a doubt the best way to protect your handgun in your home is a diversion safe.

This is an elegant, fully functioning time keeping clock with a secret gun compartment hidden inside, which would be great for any handgun or other valuables.  It is a beautiful color, ensuring it will go on just about anything it’s put on, and has a beautiful finish.  Dollar-for-dollar, this is my favorite gun diversion safe for three reasons: it’s larger than you’d think storage container, the fact that it will literally go anywhere, and the fact doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Dimensions: 13 1/4″ x 9 1/2″ x 6 1/4″

This clock with a secret gun compartment has a very nice weight, but for extra security, you could wrap a light towel around your firearm, ensuring absolutely no shaking inside.

It is fully secured by a magnetic clasp enclosure lock and hinge that ensures you are able to open and close this with ease, making sure your household firearm (or other valuables) is available to you when you need it most.

No assembly required.

What Can It Hold?

This diversion clock safe is big enough to ensure that you can stoe at least one household firearm, possibly more, and other valuables. Just about any 9mm, .357, or other caliber handgun will fit.   The complete dimensions for clock is: 13 1/4″ x 9 1/2″ x 6 1/4″

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