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To put it bluntly, this is my favorite nightstand with a hidden gun compartment feature.  It is strong, sturdy, and most importantly: it is stealthy, while allowing you quick access to your protection when you need it most.  No one would take a second glance at this subtle piece of bedroom furniture.  It is 100% American hand made by Amish woodworking artisans deep in the heart of Indiana.

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Stealth Furniture’s hidden gun compartment nightstand comes packed with features and options.  Right out of the gate, you are given three color options: unfinished oak, java black enamel, and Autumn Stain.

It’s made from 100% real wood, no imitation material here.

It also comes with a variety of locking options for your convenience, guaranteed to fit your lifestyle.  Don’t need a lock?  Well that’s easy.  They also have plastic magnetic locks, RFID wireless locks, and a for all techy’s they also have a wireless keypad lock.  No matter what locking needs you have, they’ve got you covered.

Once assembled, there is no shaking or rattling.  Everything fits snug where it should, and there is no room for “give”.  The slide out top comes off smooth, doesn’t get caught, and would be ideal in a survival situation where you needed to gain quick access to your hidden gun.

This sucker is as heavy as it is secure.  Unless they come prepared, a thief or burglar will not be picking up this piece of furniture to take it with them.  You can rest assured that whatever you store in the hidden gun compartment of this nightstand will stay 100% secure, especially if you decide to fit yours with foam.

Each hidden compartment nightstand comes with a premium finish and ultra clean lines that will ensure it looks elegant and stays clean for years to come.

Assembly is required, but don’t worry, they give you all the tools you need to put this nightstand together, including the necessary screw drivers, etc.


What Can It Hold?

This hidden gun compartment nightstand comes with a TON of space to hold whatever you want, including your handguns.  It comes with a custom fit foam option which you could cut into it whatever you want.  Below is a picture of three pistols and two clips, but you could easily fit more clips and hand guns in this excellent piece of stealthy gun dresser.  You’re only limited by your imagination!

The downside, which can be an upside depending on the type of person you are, is that this product is 100% made-to-order, so there is a tiny shipping delay of a week or so.  However, in my opinion, this is part of the price you pay for a high quality, hand made piece of furniture.

With that said, this is easily one of the best furniture pieces I own period.  The fact that it comes with a hidden gun compartment built in is just icing on the cake.  Even without it, I’d recommend this piece to anyone who needs it.

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