Secret Compartment Dresser by Stealth Furniture

Editor choice Secret Compartment Dresser by Stealth Furniture
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  • American Made
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  • Sturdy Build
  • High Stealth Factor
  • Several Colors & Lock Options

If you loved the hidden gun safe nightstand, you’re gonna love this! Based off the design of the Stealth Furniture Nightstand, this elegant piece of bedroom furniture is strong, sturdy, and will hide and protect your firearm with ease.  Excellent craftsmanship ensures that there is no shaking or give to this dresser, meaning your handgun will be safe and sound inside.  This piece would look excellent and incognito against any bedroom set.  It is 100% American hand made by Amish woodworking artisans deep in the heart of Indiana.

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Stealth Furniture’s hidden gun compartment dresser comes packed with features and options.  There are two color options: painted black oak, and autumn stained wood.  Both come with the options of an RFID lock (my favorite) or a magnetic lock to secure your hidden weapon.

It’s made from 100% real wood, no imitation material here.

Not only does it come with one hidden compartment for your stealth storage needs, it has a secondary storage area as well.

Assembly is necessary, but they’ve made it as easy as it could possibly be.  They even include all the necessary tools (screw driver, etc.) that you’ll need to put this monster together.

Overall dimensions are: 36″W x 22″D x 52″H

This dresser is as heavy as it is secure.  It is built from solid oak, has clean, simple lines that are pleasing to the eye, and looks completely out-of-the-ordinary, which is going to be perfect for your hidden gun storage needs.  You can also equip your diversion gun safe dresser with a foam cutout that was designed to fit snug as a bug, ensuring no rattling or shaking about of your firearm or valuables.

Some assembly is required, but don’t worry, they give you all the tools you need to put this nightstand together, including the necessary screw drivers, etc.

What Can It Hold?

This bedroom dresser with a hidden gun compartment can easily hide several handguns, extra ammo magazines, and more.  Cut to fit the foam to suit any of your personal needs.  You can easily fit 3-4 handguns in this piece, plus 3-4 extra magazines, and possibly even more.

The downside, which can be an upside depending on the type of person you are, is that this product is 100% made-to-order, so there is a tiny shipping delay of a week or so.  However, in my opinion, this is part of the price you pay for a high quality, hand made piece of furniture.

With all that said, this piece is perfect for any bedroom, master or non.  It is beautiful, subtle, and can give you instant access to your firearms when you need them most.  Keep them safe and out of the reach of children with this beautiful secret gun compartment dresser.

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