Concealed Gun Curio by American Furniture Classics

Concealed Gun Curio by American Furniture Classics


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  • Custom Lock Design
  • Sliding Storage
  • Lighted Curio
  • Glass Shelves Included
  • Hold Up To 10 Guns

This gun concealment curio has quickly become one of my favorite living room pieces. It has an excellent design, going well with just about any type of living room set up with any type of decor. This curio will compliment your living room well, and it is so well designed that any prying eyes (or fingers) wouldn’t think twice about this piece of furniture. It has gigantic storage, ample space that allows for up to 10 different long guns at once.

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The dimensions are 45 X 22 X 8. 

This curio gun safe is constructed from real wood. It looks, feels, and operates just like real furniture. It also has a nice solid weight too it, meaning that if you are trying to hide or protect your weapons, that no one will be trying to drag this piece of furniture around. Some assembly is required.

There are two locks on this device. You can lock both the bottom portion of the curio, and the back part of the curio which consists of the area where you can slide your weapons in and out of the stealth hiding area in the back of this piece of furniture. The locking mechanism is hand designed to work with this curio.

The curio its self is a beautiful design, with tempered glass shelves included with purchase. The bottom area can be locked, and overall the piece is quite functional.

What Can It Hold?

As we mentioned above, this living room entryway gun storage bench can store a maximum of 10 long rifles “comfortably”, meaning not stacked on each other.  Shotguns are usually a bit thicker, so you may not be able to 5 shotguns in this furniture piece, but you will be able to mix and match to your hearts content.  This curio can easily hold a few double barrel shot guns, AR-15 style, or other style long rifles.

This is a fantastic living room piece that can help you hide your guns. Though, it does come with a few cons. Because it is so well constructed and the materials are so high quality, the assembly takes quite a bit of time — especially for a novice assembler.

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